The Best Insurance Agency In Oklahoma!

I would like to think we are the best insurance agency choice for anyone looking for insurance in Edmond or the Oklahoma City area. But the reality is, WE AREN’T.

“There’s somebody for everybody.” I think that’s how the saying goes.

If you ask 10 people where you should buy your insurance, you’ll probably get 12 different answers.

Most people don’t think of an insurance plan as anything other than an expense to be minimized by all means. That’s not all their fault. The Geico’s and Progressive’s of the world have spent billions of advertising dollars convincing insurance consumers that the only important aspect of an insurance policy is the cost of it.

The perspective of an insurance agency being a source of professional advice is foreign to most consumers. After all most people DON’T “shop” for legal counsel or tax advice, but they DO “shop” for insurance.

“Shopping” implies a search for the best “deal”. We shop by getting multiple quotes from several companies. Then, we make a decision primarily based on which one is the cheapest, with just a little bit of “how they made me feel” thrown in.

The truth is, an insurance plan is a very important financial tool which, if properly built, will protect the assets you’ve accumulated and the income you work hard for from a disaster or accident.

Your insurance agency should be the source of information and advice, not just a phone number you dial to buy insurance.

We would welcome the opportunity to help you with your insurance plan. But before you call or email us, here are a few areas for you to consider when deciding if our agency will be a good fit for you.

If the following things either have no value to you, or they’re things you don’t want from your insurance agency, that’s okay. We understand.   Let’s just be friends?

  1. Most people want to talk about the price of insurance first. We don’t. We start our conversation with prospective clients by asking questions about their needs and current insurance plan. We’re interested in helping people discover or review their insurance risks.
    • Most people have never been given insurance coverage explanations and descriptions. Terms like “FULL-COVERAGE” and “REPLACEMENT-COST” are used without defining what they really mean. (This would be the “fine-print”.)
    • We want you to understand what your policy will and won’t do based on the coverage you purchase.
    • If you’re willing to have a conversation about your assets and risks and then allow us to give you advice on the most effective way to build an insurance plan, you may be a good fit for our agency.
  2. We focus our coverage advice on the most effective and efficient ways to build an insurance plan. We explain the most effective tools for reducing cost while maintaining excellent coverage for catastrophes.
    • Because so much emphasis is placed on the cost of insurance, the true purpose of insurance is not addressed properly.
    • We educate our clients on the types of losses that are common to the policy they’re buying. We can then explain how the policy will provide support to help them get through the loss.
    • If you’re willing to consider ideas and options which may be different from the plan you currently have, you may be a good fit for our agency.
  3. We encourage our clients to carry the best coverage possible and the highest deductible practical.
    • The idea of lowering coverage to lower the cost of your insurance is the worst insurance advice a person can be given. Why? In short, by lowering your coverage, you have only lowered the amount the insurance company will pay toward your loss. Any amount of loss above that is on you.
    • By maximizing your coverage, you have peace of mind if catastrophe strikes. This is the primary purpose of insurance.
    • By employing a high deductible, you are risking a finite amount of money out of your pocket in the event of a loss, while getting a significantly discounted price on your insurance for taking that risk.
    • If you’re willing to consider the idea of excellent insurance coverage while utilizing a high deductible to manage your costs, you may be a good fit for our agency.
  4. We want to assist our clients when they have a claim.
    • I’ve found most people are still surprised when they need to file a claim for a wreck or loss to their home. MANY PEOPLE HAVE THE DELUSION THAT BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO OTHER PEOPLE. So, when the time comes to actually use their insurance, many people don’t know where to start.
    • Our company has licensed, professional claim adjusters who will coordinate your claim, but our office also has a claims liaison to personally help our clients navigate the claims process.
    • If you want an insurance agency where your claim experience is given high priority and special attention, you may be a good fit for our agency.
  5. We will actively review your policy on every renewal. We want to make sure your insurance plan fits you through every phase of your life.
    • Insurance is something people would like to buy once (if at all) and not have to mess with it again. That’s not realistic.
    • Our agency reviews every policy renewal. Why? We are looking for changes the company may make from a coverage or discount perspective. We also look at possible changes in your life which can impact the risks you have insured.
    • If you want an insurance agency that will actively review your policy renewals and reach out to discuss changes in your insurance needs and risks, you may be a good fit for our agency.
    • I’m sorry if that’s a deal-breaker. But here’s the beauty of that statement: We don’t expect you to be perfect either! ? We will always be KIND, PROFESSIONAL, and extend GRACE if you’re having a bad day or going through a difficult situation. We believe communication is the key to a good relationship!
    • If you believe in the Golden Rule and want an insurance agency who will work to make sure there is not a lack of communication leading to misunderstandings, you may be a good fit for our agency.
Are we the BEST insurance agency?

I think so.

But the real question is: Are we the best insurance agency for YOU?

We would love to find out.

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