Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Uninsured Motorist coverage, what the heck is that? You’ve heard the term, I’m sure. It sounds like an insurance coverage you might want, right? It’s no secret there are a […]

5 insurance hacks to an efficient plan

We all love hacks (tips, inside scoops). Here are some insurance hacks I’ve learned during my 17 years in this business. Stop looking for the cheapest policy. You’re not buying […]

Cheap car insurance?

If I could offer you cheap car insurance and home insurance policies, would that be enough for you to buy from me? The answer I’m looking for is “MAYBE”. Why […]

Home Insurance Changed Everything

Without home insurance most Americans would be homeless. I don’t mean we would all be living on the streets. But most of us would be renters, not owners of our […]


Are you a safe driver? Of course you are! You are an excellent driver surrounded by a bunch of #%$*@!, well let’s just call them “bad” drivers. These bad drivers […]

Do my kids need life insurance?

The laundry list of things we would like to know when we become a parent is a long one. “Do my kids need life insurance?” is on the list, even […]

Your Insurance after the Divorce

Insurance after divorce is an area that many people don’t consider when they are going through this difficult life change. You get the dog, he’s keeps the cat. If only […]

Death is NOT a Possibility

Why do you need life insurance? You may think the answer is obvious. Then why do people avoid the subject? Because Death is NOT a Possibility. What’s one of the […]