Uninsured drivers in Oklahoma

In 2016 as many as 25% of drivers in Oklahoma were driving with no insurance.* One in four cars you pass do not have insurance. Those who obey the law […]

Big data and auto insurance

Auto insurance companies need to be able to “predict” the behavior of their clients, and to some degree, they need to predict the environment their clients will be living and […]

Pet health insurance

In 2015, 65% of households in the US owned at least one pet.  That’s exactly how many we own. Our little Jasmine is a “not-so” mini-schnauzer with a personality that […]

Oklahoma auto insurance myths

  As an insurance advisor I often have to “un-teach” people the misconceptions they have before I can help them discover their true insurance needs. This is not an exhaustive […]

The best home insurance in Oklahoma

Home insurance in Oklahoma is expensive!  It is natural to gravitate to the least expensive policy available.  Since your home is your most valuable asset, you should take some time […]