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Do you hate shopping for insurance? Try selling it!

Although insurance companies have some of the most entertaining commercials on television, most people still dread shopping for insurance more than just about any other product or service. The experience people have often leaves them confused as to what they are really paying for.

As an insurance agency owner since 2001, I have learned it doesn’t have to be that way.

This book will explain how I got into the insurance business. I didn’t trust insurance because I didn’t understand the value.  No one ever took the time to teach me.

The best salespeople are good teachers. Buying insurance requires trust that the policy you buy is what you need. An insurance agent that can educate someone on their needs as well as their policy coverages will earn that trust. Maintaining that trust as life and needs change will allow for a long term client/ advisor relationship which is the ultimate goal. This book describes how I try to do that.

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