Cheap Oklahoma Car Insurance?

If I could offer you cheap car insurance and home insurance policies, would that be enough for you to buy from me?

The answer I’m looking for is “MAYBE”.

Why wouldn’t I want you to say “YES” right away?

For some people “cheap” doesn’t have to be good, just good-enough.

Your home and car insurance policies are very serious contracts. If you are only concerned about the cheapest price, I have to assume either you don’t really care about your insurance plan, or you’ve never had a claim.

More likely, you’ve never had a professional insurance advisor before and simply don’t understand the gravity of having a proper insurance plan.

Many people are under the misperception that some insurance companies are always “cheaper” than others.

If that’s you, then all of that advertising has worked!

Geico, State Farm, Progressive, Liberty Mutual, and Allstate spend billions (that’s with a “B”) of dollars every year on advertising trying to convince us they are the cheapest insurance option. That doesn’t make them “bad”, but it also doesn’t make them any better or cheaper than any other insurance company either.

Here’s the truth. Almost ANY insurance company you contact for an insurance proposal can create a quote that is cheaper than what you are paying right now if “cheaper” is really what you’re looking for.

Let me guess what you’re thinking right now.

Cheap car insurance?…

“Yeah, but is it the same coverage?”

Now, that question can lead you to the kind of information that really matters.

Insurance is an intangible product, so it’s important that you have a clear understanding of what you are buying. It’s hard to trust anything you don’t understand.

Although insurance is mandatory in most circumstances, people understand they may have to file a claim on their insurance. They want to have the peace of mind that their insurance will protect them. This peace of mind should be aided by the information you’re given and the interaction you have with your insurance advisor.

I love statistics.

Here’s one. If you call me for a quote on auto and home insurance, there is a 25% chance that I will be able to offer you a comparable or superior policy for a cheaper price than you’re currently paying.

BUT—There is a 100% chance that I can help you build a more efficient insurance plan, no matter who you choose to buy insurance from!

What am I saying?

If I can’t offer you a comparable insurance plan that is less expensive than your current one, I can show you how to save money on the plan you have right now by using tactics that will make your policies more efficient.

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