Want to test your Restuarant Insurance knowledge?

Read the scenario. Then click the box to see what coverage would be needed.

A grease fire ignites and quickly spreads through your stove's exhaust and flue duct, destroying them.

What insurance coverage would you need?

Restaurant property coverage

Property insurance can help when fire, vandalism or other unforeseen disasters cause damage to your restaurant.

A customer suffers from food poisoning after eating a meal prepared by your food truck.

What insurance coverage would you need?

Restaurant liability coverage

Restaurant liability insurance can help cover costs when the food or drink you serve is responsible for accidents, mistakes or injuries.

A former employee brings a legal action against your company.

What insurance coverage would you need?

Employment Practices liability coverage

It protects a business owner from their employees suing them due to:

Wrongful termination,Wrongful demotion, Refusal to hire. Discrimination, Sexual harassment/hostile work environment.

EPLI pays for damages on behalf of the insured from covered employment practices claims as well as related defense costs.

This coverage is needed because it is excluded from the general liability policy.

Your food truck is damaged in an accident and you can't conduct business while it's in the repair shop. How will you recover the lost income?

What insurance coverage would you need?

Mobile Business Interruption Coverage

Mobile business interruption coverage replaces lost business income and/or extra expense, when the food truck is out of service due to a collision or comprehensive loss.

There is a power loss to your restaurant causing the food in the freezers and refrigerator to spoil. How will you pay to replace the food

What insurance coverage would you need?

Food Spoilage Coverage

Spoilage insurance can help if food spoils when a refrigerator breaks or the power goes out.

A hacker gains access to your computer system and steals your customers' credit and debit card information.

What Insurance coverage would you need?

Cyber liability & Data breach coverage

Cyber liability and data breach coverage can help provide you with legal and forensic assistance to attempt to recover stolen data, as well as ongoing data security consultation to help you manage cyber risks.

Your food truck is vandalized with graffiti. How will you pay to get it repaired?

What Insurance coverage would you need?

Commercial Auto Coverage

With commercial auto insurance you can include coverage for collisions and comprehensive losses. You need your food truck lookin legit!

A busy waiter scalds his leg when he trips and falls under a tray of hot drinks.

What Insurance coverage would you need?

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Workers' compensation insurance can help with medical costs and related lawsuits when employees are hurt on the job.

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