Death is NOT a Possibility

Why do you need life insurance?

You may think the answer is obvious. Then why do people avoid the subject?

Because Death is NOT a Possibility.

What’s one of the first questions people ask when someone dies?

“Did they have life insurance?”

If it’s the death of a mother or father with kids at home, it’s usually something like, “That’s so sad for that family; I hope they had life insurance.”

According to the Life Insurance and Market Research Association (LIMRA) 48% of the people who die every day leave no life insurance. Another 21% die with only enough for a funeral.

The death of a friend or co-worker usually makes people think about their own life insurance plan. But other than those occasions, it’s a rare topic of contemplation.

As an insurance advisor, life insurance is the most important policy I can help my clients with. It’s also the most frustrating of all the policies I can help people with.

Why frustrating?

In general, most people don’t want to talk about it.

Maybe they think I’m just selfishly trying to “sell” them more insurance. Maybe they see it as an extravagance they can’t afford.

If people have a job where life insurance is included as a benefit, they will casually brush off any attempt I make to discuss life insurance.

“I have life insurance at work.” End of conversation.

It’s like a “get-out-of-this-conversation-free” card.

When it comes to their home and car insurance, most people tend to have a lot of concerns and questions. I’m not complaining here, but isn’t that odd?

Here’s a not-so-secret, secret:  You may NEVER have a home or car insurance claim.

But you WILL die…

See, that’s why most people avoid the “life insurance” conversation. Reality is blunt.

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Death is not a possibility, it’s a certainty.

It’s human nature to avoid situations and topics that are awkward or uncomfortable.

I can’t think of too many circumstances more uncomfortable than death.

Car insurance helps YOU fix your car after an accident. Home insurance helps YOU fix your house after a hail storm.

Life insurance is a policy that is largely for the benefit of someone other than YOU.

**Spoiler Alert** Some life insurance policies can accumulate cash-value over time, meaning you could actually benefit from your own life insurance policy without the “dying” part. This is a conversation we will need to have beyond this article, however.

Creating a life insurance plan is one of the most unselfish acts that a person can do when it comes to insurance. That is completely different than EVERY OTHER insurance policy on earth. That’s why most people die with little to no life insurance for their family.

This blog isn’t going to cause a light bulb to go on for everyone, but if you’ve made it to this sentence…

You’re either patting yourself on the back for knowing you have a solid plan to protect your family with adequate life insurance, or you know you need to get one.

You are forced by the state to buy car insurance. Your mortgage company requires you to buy homeowners insurance.

You buy life insurance (or not) of your own free will.

Just remember having a loss to your car or home is a possibility, but not a certainty.

Death is not a possibility, it is a certainty.

Let me end on an upbeat. Life insurance is not a depressing subject. It’s not boring. Actually, it’s probably none of the negative things you may have avoided it for.

I would love to visit with you about your life insurance plan, or lack of one. If you expect a lot of pressure to buy insurance from me, I will gladly disappoint you. If you read back near the beginning of this, you’ll notice I am a self-described insurance “advisor” – not a salesman.

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