Uninsured drivers in Oklahoma

In 2016 as many as 25% of drivers in Oklahoma were driving with no insurance.* One in four cars you pass do not have insurance.

Those who obey the law and purchase insurance ultimately pay more for their policy than would be necessary if everyone carried insurance.

Oklahoma has passed several laws in the past aimed at reducing the number of uninsured drivers. Real-time insurance verification allows police to access insurance company information to check whether the paper insurance verification a person has is actually in force. They can impound the car and issue hefty fines for violation.

But this is only addresses the insurance on the car, not the driver. Ultimately, the driver is responsible for their own actions.

Insurance companies set the price of car insurance based on many factors. But a major factor is who the drivers are.

Traditionally, a car insurance company would extend all of the coverage associated with the policy to anyone given permission to drive the car. The consequence has been a significant percentage of accidents involving “unrated” drivers.

To combat this insurance companies are starting to limit the coverage that is extended to an “unrated” driver if they are at fault in an accident.

It is important to review you auto policy with your insurance advisor so you are aware of any gaps in your coverage and to confirm that everyone that regularly drives your vehicle is covered on your policy.

*Source: Insurance Research Council

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